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Rigid Fiberglass Bathtub Inlay Install Directions

Rigid Fiberglass Bathtub Inlay Install Directions

Un-package and lay inlay flat for 24 hours prior to installation.

Tools Needed ( Not Supplied )

  • Hand roller or 4 inch piece of PVC pipe
  • 2 inch masking tape
  • 40 grit sandpaper or palm sander
  • Paper Towels
  • Denatured Alcohol-Acetone Or Lacquer Thinner
  • Razor Knife

Caution: Wear a solvent rated respirator or mask and avoid contact of adhesive with eyes and skin. Wear gloves provided.

1. Installation: Clean bottom of bathtub thoroughly

2. Locate the final position of the inlay where you want it by laying the inlay in the bathtub.

3. Place a row of tape on the bathtub bottom around the inlay. Leave a 1/2 inch of the bathtub bottom exposed around the inlay while doing this.

4. Now remove the inlay and overlap another row of tape on the inside of the first row of tape you just applied to the bathtub bottom.

5. Fold some tape over itself to form a 2 sided tape. Place this 2 sided tape on the bottom of the inlay on the corners. This is to hold the inlay in place while you are working so it won’t move around. Now place the inlay back onto the bathtub bottom , in place and over the tape you just installed

6. While holding the inlay in place, and using the razor knife, cut through the tape all along the edges of the inlay.

7. Once this is done, remove the inlay and remove the tape from the bottom of the inlay. Now remove only the section of tape that was directly under the inlay leaving the rest of the tape that was bordering the inlay edges. The reason for this is when you are applying the adhesive to the inlay and installing the inlay, excess adhesive will get on the tape and will be easily removed when you remove the tape after completion.

8. Before proceeding make sure all cracked areas, holes etc are smooth before installing the inlay. Holes may be filled with expanding foam and once the foam is dry, make sure the excess foam is trimmed smooth before continuing. If the bathtub floor needs support this same foam can be injected between the floor and the bottom of the bathtub floor just under where the inlay will be installed by drilling a couple 1/4 inch holes and injecting the foam under the bathtub floor. (Recommended) Inject the foam only until it starts to come back out of the holes to avoid over filling the space beneath the bathtub.

9. Sand the bottom of the bathtub where the inlay is going ( stay inside the tape ) make sure surface gloss is sanded dull and any silicone or debris is removed.

10. Vacuum debris from sanding and wash the sanded area with denatured alcohol, acetone or lacquer thinner.

11. Put on gloves, eye protection, and solvent respirator or mask. Mix part A and part B in bucket provided. Mix thoroughly. Once mixed you have a maximum of 30 minutes to work with the adhesive and finish installing the inlay.

12. Spread the adhesive evenly on the bottom of the inlay (Smooth Side) approx. 1/8 inch thick. When installing, the rough side of the inlay should be facing up towards you this is the non slip surface you would be standing on when showering.

13. Adhesive may also be used to fill in any valleys or to float uneven areas of the bathtub under the inlay prior to actually installing the inlay.

14. Place inlay on the bathtub bottom and into final position with the rough side facing up.

15. Using the roller or PVC pipe, start rolling over the inlay while applying pressure to spread the adhesive. Start at the center of the inlay working your way out to the edges. Do this all around the inlay. You will see excess adhesive squeezing out from the edges.

16. Remove the excess adhesive as soon as you are done rolling the inlay by wetting a paper towel with denatured alcohol, acetone or lacquer thinner. Do not get the paper towel too wet as you may work some of the solvent under the inlay while removing excess adhesive.

17. Now roll the inlay again. This time along the width then the length of the inlay.

18. Be sure all adhesive is removed from the bathtub surface and any part of the inlay surface. If not, the adhesive will etch the tub surface and the inlay if left on too long.

19. Remove the masking tape.

20. Now roll the edges of the inlay.

21. Do a final wash with solvent to be sure all adhesive is removed.

22. Do Not Get The Bathtub Wet For 48 Hours.

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