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eco friendly bathtub refinishing

Eco Friendly Bathtub Refinishing Products

Are you looking for alternatives to restoration services and products that harm the environment? Most consumers in the remodeling and restoration phases of home improvement want to use “Green” or eco-friendly products and services that do not contribute to “Global Warming”.

Traditional Bathtub Refinishing vs DIY Kits

Ask any professional bathtub refinisher if do-it-yourself kits work and every one of them will tell you they don’t because they want the job and money that comes with it.. You will hear every excuse in the book as to why professional refinishing companies think DIY kits are junk.

The honest truth is they do work and many use the same coating techniques for preparation and bonding as the professionals use. The only and I mean only difference is how the bathtub refinishing coating in a do-it-yourelf kit is applied.

Professional refinishers apply their coatings using the spray method with the use of an HVLP paint sprayer. While this gives the best finish it costs 10-15 times more then a DIY bathtub refinishing kit $300 – $500 for a single bathtub.

Are Bathtub Refinishing Coatings Safe?

Over the past decade or so bathtub refinishing coatings have become very eco-friendly compared to filling landfills with remodeling debris that adds to the effects of “Global Warming”. Low VOC paints, waterbase products and epoxies are currently used which are safe but require the use of ventilation and other protection when applied by a professional.

DIY bathtub refinishing kits are even safer as many use acrylic based or epoxy based coatings for glazing and repairs. Since these products are not applied using the spray method they are safe for anyone to use and non-toxic once dry. The waste produced by the process is very minimal and the dried coatings or repair debris does not effect the environment.

What are DIY Kits Made Of?

At US Bath Products we use acrylic, epoxy and non toxic resins in our kits. The life span of our products versus a professional application are about the same. Actually our repair products are probably better then the professionals use. We don’t use toxic car Bondo in our bathtub repair kits or environment damaging solvents of any kind.
We are also a “Green” company dedicated to reducing waste and our impact on the environment.

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