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Bathtub Painting And Refinishing Process

Bathtub refinishing companies provide low cost restoration and repair services for refinishing a bathtub, reglazing or recoloring ceramic wall or floor tile, sink chip repair, countertop resurfacing, fiberglass repair and claw foot bathtub restoration. The cost savings versus replacement of these fixtures is over 70% and the great thing about bathtub refinishing is, no messy construction, the variety of colors to choose from and you can use your new bathtub fixture the next day.

Using A Professional Bathtub Refinisher

Bathtub refinishing services are performed on site, normally in one day. All plumbing fixtures, floors and other surfaces are protected. A clawfoot bathtub is typically removed to another room or a garage for complete claw foot bathtub reglazing. If the interior of the clawfoot bathtub is the only surface that requires refinishing, the bathtub can be resurfaced right in place. A typical claw foot bathtub repair can take up to two weeks for completion. A standard bathtub is resurfaced in a matter of hours.

Countertops, ceramic wall and floor tile, cultured marble, and sinks receive the same care and attention as your bathtub. Cuts, burns, gouges and discoloration can be flawlessly removed from countertops and cultured marble. Change the color of your ceramic tile or sink. Why replace these fixtures when they can be reglazed at a 70% savings versus replacement cost. Ceramic wall and floor tile can be very expensive to replace, and you may be thinking of only changing the color. Refinishing ceramic wall and floor tile is a low cost alternative and the tile will look brand new.

DIY Bathtub Refinishing

Do it yourself refinishing and repair paint products are offered from US Bath Products. Durable coating and kits specifically formulated for diy residential and commercial bathtub refinishing application. Step by step, and easy to use directions make do it yourself a snap. Many colors and kit sizes are available for your refinishing and repair projects. Repair kits for a standard or clawfoot bathtub, fiberglass, cultured marble, countertop, sink, ceramic wall and floor tile and porcelain refinishing are available. Complete refinishing and recoloring paint kits are available in spray on.

Our brush roll on paint refinishing kits for bathtubs, countertops, sinks and showers lasts 10+ years. With our low VOC formula this coating is more environmentally safe then any other paint on the market. It is a high bred one part epoxy coating backed with a professional bonding agent included with each kit. You will not find another coating anywhere with a pro bonding primer offered in any hardware store. Our products are exclusively sold right here. These coatings are self leveling, waterproof and very durable for use on porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, cultured marble, acrylic and laminate surfaces. brush/roll on.

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