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Repairing Chipped Porcelain Bathtubs

Repairing chips that may form in your porcelain enamel bathtub is a lot easier then you may think. Basically porcelain is hard glass created by firing a porcelain powder applied to primed steel. When the porcelain enamel is damaged it chips exposing the black primer and powder leaving an unsightly spot on your bathtub or porcelain sink.

Our Porcelain repair kits are formulated for a simple yet professional looking DIY repair just about anyone can use successfully. The kit will come with every thing needed to perform the repair.

Steps To Repair A Chip In Porcelain Enamel

  1. Preparing the porcelain surface is the most important step in the process. The repair area must have all loose porcelain removed by scraping or using a wire brush to remove rust. Sandpaper is provided if needed.
  2. Cleaning the damaged area requires mild soap and water followed by a rinse. Completely dry the repair area using a blow dryer. Inside your kit is an Alcohol Wipe that will be used to wipe the damage porcelain free of grease or other foreign material. Once the repair area is clean mix the patching compound following the instructions provided in the Porcelain Repair Kit.
  3. Our porcelain patching compound is formulated to self prime while patching the damage porcelain enamel. After mixing apply the porcelain patch using the provided application brush. Large areas can be filled by pouring the compound inside the damaged area. Allow the patch to cure overnight.
  4. The majority of the repair process has been completed. After curing sand the patch almost smooth to the surface with the 100 grit sandpaper followed by finishing with the 220 grit. Once smooth and even with the rest of the surface you can buff with a clean towel to your desired sheen or use any leftover patching compound to touchup paint and blend.

Our porcelain repair kits come in many colors to match an existing color. If you want an exact match we also sell a kit with tints or you can purchase extra tints from our online store. This same kit can be used on acrylic bathtubs and ceramic tiles.

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