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Cleaning Care Of Fiberglass Shower Pans

Many homes today have a combination of bathtubs and standup shower stalls installed in the bathroom. Shower stalls are built using fiberglass shower pans as a base. These shower bases can be porous and hard to clean when they get dirty.

If you already own a home with this type of shower then you have probably used every type of cleaner known to man trying to keep your shower pan clean. The problem is that dirt chemicals and stains work their way into the surface due to to the base not being sealed properly.

To help you maintain a clean and properly sealed shower base we have developed a product that will not only clean your shower pan but seal it so that the pan will resist future staining and be easier to keep clean. The product we are referring to is our US Bath Products Fiberglass Bathtub Shower Scratch Stain Remover.

Steps To Repair Clean And Seal Shower Pan

The product comes with two scratch and stain removers one for light stains and scratches and another for heavy.

  1. Choose which product to apply and scrub in a circular motion to remove stains, water spots, mineral deposits and scratches. May also be used on the walls of your shower stall or fiberglass bathtub.
  2. You will want to rinse the pan with hot water and remove any grit left standing on the surface then let the base dry completely before going on to the next step of sealing your shower pan.
  3. If you used the heavy scratch and stain remover and have any fine scratches present you can use the light stain and scratch product to remove them. Again make sure you rinse the surface and let it dry before sealing the pan.
  4. Now that the surface is dry you can apply the polymer shine restorer #3 to the surface using a dry soft cloth. Start applying in small areas using a circular motion until the entire base has been covered. Allow the shine restorer to completely dry for at least 2 hours before using the shower or getting the base wet.
  5. When cleaning your pan in the future use a mild detergent and avoid abrasive cleaners.

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