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How To Repair A Laminate Or Corian Countertop

During normal daily use your laminate or Corian countertop may become damaged and need repair. Knife cuts, burns, chips or other damage can be repaired using do-it-yourself repair kits. The cost of replacing a laminate or Corian countertop can be very expensive especially if yours is a custom countertop. Repairing a countertop be it laminate, Corian, Wilsonart or Formica is pretty straight forward and can be less expensive then replacement.

A countertop repair kit is offered in our online store for repairing small to medium damage including cuts, cracks, chips, burns, scratches and countertop seam repair for under $30. We also sell countertop refinishing kits if you need to resurface all of your countertops or change the color.

Types Of Countertops

Determining the type of countertop you have is relatively simple. Laminate countertops typically have a low sheen and if you scrape the surface fine particles feel like paper or saw dust. Corian and solid surface countertops have more of a glossy sheen and look like plastic the same is true for cultured marble. When scraping a Corian or solid surface countertop the particle material will feel like plastic.

Steps To Repair Countertop

Our countertop repair kit includes everything needed to repair your damaged countertop except tools if needed. Mix and match colors including a color chart will help you achieve a perfect color that matches your existing countertops. Minor scratches can be repaired by sanding them out using the sandpaper provided in the repair kit followed by an application of our countertop clear coat which is also provided.

The procedure for repairing chips, cracks and minor countertop burns including seam repair is the same for all countertops. The repair area is first sanded to smooth the edges. If you have a burn on a laminate countertop that cannot be sanded out you may have to cut the burned area out using a utility knife or a router then sand the edges smooth.

On Corian and cultured marble countertops a burn may be too deep to sand completely out. In this case sand the damaged area to a depth of 1/16 inch deep. This will allow the patching compound enough depth for a strong bond.

Patching And Repairing The Countertop

Mix the colored patching compound provided to match your countertop color. Using the application brush or stick provided apply the countertop patch to the repair area. Allow to dry 24 hours. When dry and hard sand the patch even with the countertop surface and wipe debris from the repair area using a damp cloth. You can buff the patch to a matte or semi-sheen or apply the countertop clear coat for a high gloss finish.

Trim pieces that have come off the sides of a laminate countertop can be re-installed by glueing them back on with the use of a hot glue gun. Any old glue must be removed prior to re-installing the trim. Corian and cultured marble trim and side pieces are re-installed using 100% silicone.

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