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What Is A Fiberglass Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay?

Are you one of the many homeowners who have a fiberglass or acrylic bathtub shower combo in your bathroom. Like many of us you may have noticed very small cracks forming on the floor bottom known as “spider cracking.” These small cracks are signs of stress or a more serious problem with the floor of you tub.

Most bathtub shower combos are flexible this allows for movement of the fixture with expansion and contraction of the home and the weight of the person using the tub. Over time these cracks can form into larger cracks causing water to leak under the bathtub. While small they do not pose a serious problem and can be fixed easily using a repair kit.

If these small cracks develop into larger cracks or holes a repair kit may not be sufficient enough to fix the crack. That’s why fiberglass inlays were developed. Fiberglass repair inlays are a special flexible poly type product originally call (Rigid Inlays) 20 years ago that are used to permanently repair large holes and cracks in fiberglass, acrylic and plastic bathtubs.

How To Repair A Bathtub Using A Fiberglass Inlay

Inlays are only supposed to be used on floor cracks and can only be installed on the flat surface of the floor. The inlay is not glued to the floor but adheres due to a process called fusion. This method uses two compounds mixed and applied to the bottom of the inlay that actually melt the inlay to the floor.

The repair is permanent safe, and waterproof lasting the life of your bathtub shower combo. For additional support we recommend expansion foam for weak or soft floors requiring strengthening. Complete instructions explain use of the foam if needed. This type of a repair is a DIY application and takes about an hour to complete.

The inlay resembles a bathtub mat measuring 16×36 inches, comes in two colors white or bone and has a smooth pattern etched into it for non-slip protection. Why spend possibly thousands of dollars to have a contractor replace your existing bathtub shower combo when you can repair it yourself and save money. Fiberglass bathtub repair inlays cost about $135 shipped with everything needed to install.

Some items you may need to prep the bathtub to accept the inlay installation can be purchased from your local hardware store. The install is simple and complete instructions can be printed online from the product page.

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